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Female Japanese Entertainers
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:: about ::

The main purpose of this site is to share media/scans/news of female Japanese entertainers, for example, actresses, models, singers, etc. This community is entirely dedicated to female Japanese entertainers/artists (but it doesn't exclude male entertainers).

:: rules ::

1) Before you join, please take a look at the interests to get an idea of what kind of girls/women are featured in this commmunity. You are allowed to post entries about other girls/women that were not included in the interests as long as they are quite well-known in Japan.

2) Please put large images/scans behind an LJ-cut. (What is an LJ-cut?)

3) As for pictures or videos with mature contents, please hide them behind an LJ-cut as well, and please label the entry accordingly with a warning. (You never know, you might hurt someone's virgin eyes XD)

4) Please make sure to friend-lock all download entries.

5) No bashing of other members and the girls/women. If you disagree on something, feel free to discuss it, but try to be nice.

6) Please comment whenever you take something. It's not required, but it's considered common courtesy. :)

7) Please remember to always tag your posts. (How do I tag my entries?) If you have posted something about a girl/woman who doesn't have a tag yet, please mention this fact in your post and the moderators will add her name to the tags.

8) Erm, I don't even know yet. (More to come later?)

Anyway, have fun!

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